Discussion: Successful vs. Unsuccessful Interface Design

Discussion: Successful vs. Unsuccessful Interface Design

Look at any of the following websites and see how well you can perform basic actions.


Pizza Capers (Choose the Flash site)

LA Eyeworks

  • If it’s a commercial site, can you find prices easily? Are you able to buy items with only a click or two of your mouse?
  • Is the navigation easy to follow? Does it stay in the same place from page to page? Can you intuit how to proceed or do you have to figure it out?

Now look at the following sites and ask yourself the same questions:

The Toke


Web Designer’s Wall

Some basic rules or conventions of good web design:

  1. Lead the user’s eye through the website using key visual cues
  2. Don’t be afraid to use some spacing to guide the user through the content
  3. Make sure your navigation is consistently placed and easy to use
  4. Design your site so it will be easily executed or built : we will learn more about this as we go through the quarter.
  5. Really consider your use of Typography–both the special fonts you will have to represent with images and the live type that will be rendered by the browser.
  6. Think about how your user will approach and go through your site, then design to facilitate those actions. This is what we mean when we talk about usability.
  7. Be consistent: keep your styles simple and apply them with vigor. The less consistently you style your site, the less the user can trust you to be a reliable guide through the content.
  8. Really strip off as much of the extraneous styling as you can. Unless your overall style is frothy and ornate, there is little need to add style upon filter upon effect for things like navigation buttons, backgrounds, and patterns.

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