In-Game Advertising

In-game advertising (IGA) refers to the use of computer and video games as a medium in which to deliver advertising. It’s a developing discipline, and it’s becoming more and more profitable as the gaming industry becomes a bigger force int he entertainment industry. Advertisers are no longer spending money on traditional media such as TV, and viewers are using DVRs more and more. TV ads just don’t have the draw they used to have.

Dynamic In-Game Advertising

Increasing Internet connectivity has led to the growth of dynamic in-game advertising. Unlike the fixed advertisements found in static in-game ads, dynamic advertisements can be altered remotely by the advertising agency. It provides a flexible branding image where images can be switched in and out as you want. Advertisements can be tailored according to geographical location or time of day, allowing for the delivery of time-critical advertising campaigns, such as those publicizing a movie launch. Also, advertisers can use dynamic ads to measure ad success. It is also the cheapest type of advertising, so it is becoming the most popular form in the industry.

Incidental Advertisement

A number of games utilize billboard-like advertisements or blatant product placement for the purpose of creating a more realistic gaming environment. While permission to use logos, brand names, and other advertising material is usually given by the company owning the rights to these symbols, their use within the game does not serve to raise awareness of the product which is usually already very familiar to the player.Rather, these symbols allow the player more easily to achieve a degree of vicariism by drawing tenable parallels between the game environment and the player’s actual environment.

So far, ad agencies love in-game ads and the gaming industry sees it as a great revenue stream. It is a prime way to reach the 12-34 year-old male demographic who spend less time watching TV and more time playing games. The main objective is to include seamless ads within the game without interrupting play in any way.


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