Web Design for Entertainment

There are several general categories of entertainment sites, so I will only focus on a couple here: celebrity and movie websites. For the record, there are lots more: sports hero sites, music download sites, and game sites to name a few.

The one thing these all have in common is that they need to have a clear navigational scheme. The fact is, we come to these sites wanting to find the latest news and in-depth information immediately. If we have to wade through anything at all, we leave.

Celebrity Sites

Some tips:

  • Focus on the celebrity or subject
  • Resist any urge to wander off the subject unless you have a really compelling reason for doing so
  • Keep up to date with all information and news on your subject if you expect to gain a loyal readership
  • If you want users to sign up for updates to the site, make it easy for them to do so.
  • Make sure the design is appropriate for the subject: serious actors would want a professional, clear website. Comedians might want something more whimsical or edgy.

Movie Websites

Movie websites have a few specific purposes: they are there to entertain the visitor and to help sell tickets.

Most movie websites have the following attributes:

  • a site that relies heavily on Flash
  • large background images
  • videos and trailers
  • show times and ticket information
  • splash pages
  • a list of nominations and awards, if applicable
  • short pages: they rarely require vertical scrolling
  • social media networking
  • downloads
  • fun extras: contextual games, extra videos, etc
  • widgets


Find the websites of some of your favorite movies and judge for yourself which of these sites does the best job. Be ready to share this with the class.

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